Typography II - Project 5

"Build your own Randy Travis", based on the story "Randy Travis”, from the collection of short stories “How to Pronounce Knife”. Inspired by the "grow your own boyfriend” toys.

The mother in the story becomes infatuated with him, writing letters and longingly listening to his Southern Twang. In the story, she compares Randy to her husband, who cannot fulfil her needs. In an attempt to be like Randy, her husband dresses like him, wearing jeans and a flannel. But nothing seems to be enough. In the design, Randy claims to "Love you forever and ever" just as he sings in his song. He will "be able to fix it", recalling the clog in the kitchen sink that her husband couldn't fix.

This concept emulates the wife's longing to have her own Randy Travis, who gives her the love she longs for and the life she deserves. The warning label mentions "Infatuation may occur" as if to preface the short-lived passion she has for him, and in the end, the length obsession goes to. The colours portray an Americanized country artist, with a Guitar and a flannel top. The added flannel texture to the box also portrays this. The product mentions that it's for ages 40+, noting that it is intended for wives looking for extra love.
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